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The People’s Glossary

The People’s Land and Housing Alliance

This People’s Glossary is a living document created by the People’s Land and Housing Alliance (PLHA) to introduce key terms and concepts that articulate alternative models of housing that centers people, not profit in our communities. We envision a future where safe, clean, and permanently affordable housing is a human right.

The People’s Land and Housing Alliance (PLHA) is a response to the structural failures of markets and local governments when it comes to the housing crisis specifically and, more broadly, to the inequalities inland distribution and use. The growing tenant movements in the Bay Area and around the state represent a frontline response to the crisis by impacted communities, and we stand in solidarity with them. Building upon their work, the PLHA focuses on long-term solutions to the housing crisis that fully take into consideration the race, gender, disability, environmental, and class inequalities that have defined housing policy throughout US history, and that must be grounded in the principles of housing equity.