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Rooted in Home: Community-Based Alternatives to the Bay Area Housing Crisis

Principal Authors: Leslie Gordon, Mashael Majid, and Tony Roshan Samara of Urban Habitat; Fernando Echeverria and Seema Rupani of the East Bay Community Law Center

The San Francisco Bay Area, as one of the wealthiest metropolitan regions in the world, should be able to provide stable, decent, affordable housing for all of its residents. Instead, the region is in the grips of an acute housing affordability crisis.

In this report, we introduce real-world examples of alternative solutions and responses to the housing crisis—rooted in permanent affordability and democratic community control—that people are actively working on in the Bay Area and beyond. It is time to move past the current for-profit market system and the crisis it has created. We must move boldly in a different direction—towards an understanding that housing is a human right.