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Antioch CHANGE

Urban Habitat, East County Regional Group (now Rising Juntos), and Healthy & Active Before 5

Many Antioch residents moved to this Bay Area suburb seeking a safe, healthy, and affordable home for themselves and their families. But this dream is increasingly out of reach for many. The national affordable housing crisis, driven by a wave of foreclosures and increase in corporate landlords over the last two decades and exacerbated by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, has threatened the health of Antioch children and families, fueled racial and economic inequity, and placed the city at a pivotal crossroads for achieving housing stability.

In 2021, the East County Regional Group of parent advocates led a community-based, participatory survey of over 1,000 Antioch families to understand their housing challenges and needs. The findings reveal a stark reality with difficult choices facing too many Antioch families.

Antioch’s affordable housing crisis has exacerbated deeply rooted racial and economic inequities and jeopardizes community well-being. Building on decades of resident organizing and advocacy for housing justice, the recommendations presented here reflect resident-supported solutions for increasing safe, healthy, stable, and affordable homes in Antioch.