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A Framework for Counties and Cities to Develop High-Impact and Equitable Housing Bond Expenditure Plans

LM Gordon Consulting for Urban Habitat

In November 2024, Bay Area voters will have the opportunity to pass a once-in-a-lifetime $10 to $20 billion general obligation bond to address the housing crisis. Eighty percent of these funds will return to the nine Bay Area counties and to four cities (Oakland, San Jose, Santa Rosa, and Napa), and they will be required to create expenditure plans for how the funds will be spent. These counties and cities should apply this framework in developing their expenditure plans, and BAHFA, philanthropy, and other regional leaders should use this framework as best practices to support county and city adoption.

This framework was developed via engagement with a range of community-based organizations across the nine Bay Area counties. Organizations included tenant- and community-organizing groups, community land trusts and housing cooperatives, and affordable housing developers and advocates.