Tenant Protections v2

Tenant Protections

Every Bay Area resident has the right to safe, healthy, and affordable housing. We work with housing justice advocates and tenant organizers on the ground to fight for local renter protections, including rent stabilization, just cause for eviction, and anti-harassment policies.

We advance tenant protections throughout the region by:

  • Supporting local organizing in communities most impacted by the housing crisis while simultaneously developing a regional housing justice agenda and movement.
  • Advancing the central role of low-income communities of color in shaping housing policy at the local and regional levels.
  • Advocating for local and regional anti-displacement policies that further tenants’ rights as an essential element of stable and prosperous communities.
  • Conducting research that advances our housing justice goals.

What's at Stake

Our current housing system is resulting in increasing racial and economic inequities in the Bay Area. Through the process of gentrification, displacement, and resegregation, housing policies and reliance on private market solutions have created racially-concentrated areas of white wealth and power while fostering chronic housing insecurity in low-income and working-class communities of color. Today, a toxic combination of rising rents, stagnant wages, and lack of protections have made tenants vulnerable to eviction, displacement, and unsafe and unhealthy conditions.

In response, a growing tenant organizing movement is building power to advance tenant protections around the region. Tenant protections, such as rent stabilization, just cause for eviction, and tenant anti-harassment, are critical for keeping families in affordable homes by providing renters with predictability, stability, and protections from harassment or intimidation

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