Advancing Community-Controlled Housing Preservation
Our take on the state of the region

New Report: Advancing Community-Controlled Housing Preservation through BAHFA

Author: Bob Allen

Urban Habitat and Bay Area Community Land Trust are pleased to release a new report, Advancing Community-Controlled Housing Preservation through the New Bay Area Housing Finance Authority (BAHFA). The report makes the case for a regional affordable housing preservation strategy anchored by community-controlled housing models and supported by funding, new policies, and capacity building through the newly formed BAHFA.

With hundreds of millions of dollars in housing funding flowing to the Bay Area from the state and other sources, it’s essential that BAHFA support the movement of community land trusts and limited-equity housing cooperatives.

The report outlines the current challenges to the acquisition and rehabilitation process as well as an ambitious policy and investment agenda that committee members serving on BAHFA can implement to decommodify housing and land across the Bay Area. These actions can transform the housing landscape by creating permanently affordable housing and inclusive communities.