6 Wins 2021 Vision and Priorities
Our take on the state of the region

6 Wins 2021 Vision and Priorities

Author: Leslie Gordon

With COVID-19 vaccine distribution underway, it is tempting to want to return to “normal.” But as we look at what a post-pandemic recovery will entail, we have an opportunity to fight for justice and improve our regional built environment.

To ensure our recovery is equitable, racially just, and environmentally sustainable, we must envision what we need and implement solutions with the most-impacted communities. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the 6 Wins for Social Equity Network’s 2021 Vision and Priorities.

We can come together to advance our vision of affordable housing and community ownership, public transit that gets us where we need to go, and healthy neighborhoods with clean air and equitable resources. How we address the current interrelated crises will have long-lasting consequences for us all, but especially for low-income communities of color, and we must keep that at the center of all that we do.

Urban Habitat is proud to advance these priorities through the 6 Wins Network in 2021 and beyond. We hope you will join us in the fight to:

  • Ensure reliable, affordable, and safe public transportation
  • Protect tenants and invest in neighborhoods without displacing longtime residents
  • Produce affordable housing across the region
  • Assure quality jobs and healthy neighborhoods
  • Build community power and advance racial justice

Urban Habitat and Public Advocates founded 6 Wins in 2010 to build a region where tenants, workers, and low-income communities of color have the decision-making power and resources we need to thrive. It is a regional coalition representing labor, environment, faith-based, tenant-organizing groups, and policy advocates.

We can achieve this vision by shifting the imbalance of power in our institutions, building grassroots strength, and championing the needs of those struggling the most.