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The Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute: A Path to Co-Governance

This guidebook provides examples from a well-established program for moving low-income people of color into decision-making roles inside local government to pass policies that shift power and strengthen local communities.

Reports & Publications

The Failure of For-Profit Affordable Housing — and How Tenants Are Organizing for Change

As the state and the Bay Area are poised to commit billions in desperately-needed new funding for affordable housing, policymakers must act to rein in corporate profiteers by increasing accountability that ensures affordable housing with dignity for all. 

Reports & Publications

Building a Community-Centered Housing Preservation Ecosystem

This paper outlines the elements needed to sustain a community-centered housing preservation ecosystem that stems the tide of displacement. It consists of an outline of the ecosystem’s elements and a worksheet practitioners can use to identify strengths to build upon.

Reports & Publications

A Framework for Counties and Cities to Develop High-Impact and Equitable Housing Bond Expenditure Plans

This framework was developed with a diverse group of housing organizations across the Bay Area and should be applied to how counties and cities create their expenditure plans for the $10 billion bond to address the housing crisis.

Reports & Publications

CAMBIO en Antioch

La crisis de vivienda económica de Antioch ha exacerbado las desigualdades raciales y económicas profundamente arraigadas y pone en peligro el bienestar de la comunidad. Basadas en décadas de organización de residentes y activismo por la justicia de vivienda, las recomendaciones presentadas aquí reflejan soluciones apoyadas por los residentes para aumentar las viviendas seguras, saludables, estables y económicas en Antioch.

Reports & Publications

Antioch CHANGE

Antioch’s affordable housing crisis has exacerbated deeply rooted racial and economic inequities and jeopardizes community well-being. Building on decades of resident organizing and advocacy for housing justice, the recommendations presented here reflect resident-supported solutions for increasing safe, healthy, stable, and affordable homes in Antioch.

Reports & Publications

Glosario Popular

Este Glosario Popular es un documento vivo creado por La Alianza Popular por la Tierra y la Vivienda (PLHA- por sus siglas en inglés – People’s Land and Housing Alliance) para presentar términos y conceptos clave que articulan modelos alternativos de vivienda que centran la atención en las personas, no en las ganancias.

Reports & Publications

The People’s Glossary

This People’s Glossary is a living document created by the People’s Land and Housing Alliance (PLHA) to introduce key terms and concepts that articulate alternative models of housing that centers people, not profit in our communities. We envision a future where safe, clean, and permanently affordable housing is a human right.

Reports & Publications

Equity Advocacy Within Government

Government staff, or “insiders,” must work in tandem with folks in the community to build policies and processes that better meet the needs of low-income and/or Black, Indigenous, and other community members of color. Chris Norman and Annie Dobbs-Kramer conducted interviews with government staff across the Bay Area, most of whom are BCLI alumni, to identify best practices for equity advocacy within government. These learnings can inform equity practitioners within government on how to use their positions to advance an equity agenda and create tangible, positive change for historically disenfranchised communities.

Reports & Publications

Regional Resegregation: Building Power in Bay Area Suburbs

This report builds upon our previous work. It offers insights into the ongoing resegregation of the region and the experiences of community groups organizing low-income suburban populations.