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Equity Advocacy Within Government

Government staff, or “insiders,” must work in tandem with folks in the community to build policies and processes that better meet the needs of low-income and/or Black, Indigenous, and other community members of color. Chris Norman and Annie Dobbs-Kramer conducted interviews with government staff across the Bay Area, most of whom are BCLI alumni, to identify best practices for equity advocacy within government. These learnings can inform equity practitioners within government on how to use their positions to advance an equity agenda and create tangible, positive change for historically disenfranchised communities.

Join us for the BCLI Class of 2023 Commencement - RSVP now!

2023 BCLI Commencement

Please join us on June 22nd to celebrate 11 equity leaders from the Bay Area who are ready to advocate for their communities as commissioners.

In the News

‘They’re showing us who they are’: Racist text messages expose deep divides, ethnic tension in Antioch

The Mercury News

Rampant bias is plaguing Antioch’s police force – an “even worse irony and even worse tragedy…when parents were specifically looking for a way to escape police and community violence.” – Urban Habitat’s Chris Schildt, in the Mercury News


Announcing the BCLI Class of 2023

We are proud to introduce our 14th cohort of equity advocates selected to the Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute (BCLI)!

Reports & Publications

Regional Resegregation: Building Power in Bay Area Suburbs

This report builds upon our previous work. It offers insights into the ongoing resegregation of the region and the experiences of community groups organizing low-income suburban populations.