Transportation Justice

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Revving Up Rural Public Transit
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Commentary: Driving Deeper into the Climate Crisis
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SF mulls Uber and Lyft fees, gas tax for transportation funding
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BART’s Oakland Airport Connector losing money; Uber, Lyft to blame?
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Muni to Evaluate Public Transit Access To Underserved Communities
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Costs of the Superbowl
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Housing Justice

California just extended eviction protections again. But how many people does the deal leave out?
San Francisco Chronicle, March 31, 2022

Tenants rights activists gather for the Bay Area Tenant Assembly
KPFA Evening News, Spetember 29, 2021

Equitable housing advocates ask Vallejo City Council to consider their concerns
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California Cities Rethink the Single-Family Neighborhood
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Protesters close down Santa Clara County courthouse for hours in protest over evictions
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Protesters Block San Jose Courthouse in Demand for Stronger State Eviction Protections
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South Bay Protestors Block Courthouse
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Protestors demand no evictions during a pandemic, blockade courthouse steps
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Tenants mount courthouse protest to end evictions in Santa Clara County
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Housing Organizing in the Year of the Pandemic
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The Tenants Who Evicted Their Landlords
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Letter to the Editor: Oakland renters will need this tool in the coming months
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Equity Ripples: Communities of Color Shifting to Suburbs
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Report proposes ‘community-based’ solutions to Bay Area housing crisis
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What's Next for Rent Control? 
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Housing prices are resegregating the Bay Area, UC Berkeley study finds
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Is Rent Control Working and Should We Have More or Less of It?
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How to Protect a Renter Nation
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Calls for rent control surge in Bay Area suburbs
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How will SB 827 reshape California?
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The Enthusiasm and Complexities Behind Rent Control
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East Bay's Changing Demographics
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Because They Work: Rent Control & Tenant Protections
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Amid California Housing Crisis, New Rent Control Resources Aim to Support Tenants
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Reproductive Justice Under Trump and Rent Control 
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Regional Resegregation
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The New Tenant Movement for Housing Justice
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Rise of the Renter Nation
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City Rising (Broadcast Episode) 
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The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long, but it Bends Towards Justice
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Bay Area’s low-income areas feel the pinch
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Another downside of California housing crisis: resegregation
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Report: Racial, economic disparities have led to Bay Area’s ‘resegregation’
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Report: Racial, economic disparities have led to Bay Area’s ‘resegregation’
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Resegregation in the Bay Area and the Two Americas
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Trends Point Towards the Resegregation of the Bay Area, Report Finds
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Mapping Bay Area’s Resegregation: What You See May Surprise You
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Renters Rise Up for National Day of Action
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Don't blame SF's 'left-leaning, anti-growth, NIMBY homeowners' for the city's housing crisis
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Climate Justice Through Equitable Development

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Fighting for a Better Future
Oakland Magazine, July 3, 2017

Menlo Park: City, report blasted by coalition, East Palo Alto
The Mercury News, July 7, 2016


Leadership Development

From Personal Experience
Crossroads podcast, September 9, 2020