BCLI Commission Seats

As commissioners, our alumni work to advance equitable policies and processes. For example, on the Hayward Community Services Commission an alumna drafted and passed a resolution that centered BIPOC communities in their funding decisions and on the Alameda County Public Health Commission, racism was recognized as a public health issue through the work of an alum.

Alumni also foster relationships to bring the voices of impacted communities into decision-making processes. In Eastern Contra Costa County, an alum on the Ambrose Recreation and Park District Board worked to hold one of their meetings at a park to enable community participation and resulted in the approval of a new ADA-compliant park - the first in this unincorporated area!

BCLI alumni serve on a variety of commissions. The specific boards and commissions on which BCLI alumni are currently serving are listed below.


Laura Nakamura (2021)

Concord City Council

East Palo Alto

Cristal Montes (2023)

Rent Stabilization Board

Ofelia Bello (2019)

Sanitary District Board of Directors

Quenton Smith (2022)

Planning Commission

Vanessa Smith (2021)

Rent Stabilization Board


Gehad Massoud (2016)

Rent Review Board

Mountain View

Emily Ramos (2023)

City Council


Cathy Eberhardt (2020)

Mayor's Commission on Persons with Disabilities

Larisa Casillas (2012)

Budget Advisory Commission

Lupe Garcia (2023)

Budget Advisory Commission

Saabir Lockett (2018)

Army Base Jobs Oversight Committee

Tonya Love (2014)

Measure HH Soda Tax Advisory Board


Mary K. Bier (2016)

City Council


Sarah Foster (2023)

Planning Commission


Kapris James (2019)

Department of Children and Youth Oversight Board

Lea Murray (2023)

Reimagining Safety Task Force

Preston Lam (2017)

Housing Advisory

Tomasa Espinoza (2023)

Rent Board

San Francisco

Amerika Sanchez (2019)

Vice-Chair, Southeast Communities Facilities Commission (SECFC)

Caroline Law (2023)

Geary Community Advisory Committee

Eddie Ahn (2012)

Chair, Commission on the Environment

Evita Chavez (2023)

Building Inspection Commission

Hillary Brown (2023)

Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Advisory Committee

Jenny Lam (2012)

Board of Education

Moisés García (2018)

Chair, Public Utilities Commission Community Advisory Council (CAC)

Stephen Tennis (2014)

Citizens' Advisory Committee for the Central Market and Tenderloin Area

Theresa Imperial (2017)

Planning Commission

Utuma Belfry (2011)

Human Rights Equal Pay Advisory Commission

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Rhea L. Serna (2016)

Santa Fe Planning Commission


Dr Jennifer Ong (2010)

Vice-Chair, Alameda County Workforce Investment Board

Eduardo Torres (2020)

Contra Costa County Ambrose Park and Recreation Board

Eduardo Gonzalez (2019)

San Mateo County's Citizens' Oversight Committee for Measure W

Marlene Hurd (2013)

Chair, Alameda County Consumer Affairs Commission

Maxine Oliver-Benson (2012)

Alameda County Housing and Community Development Advisory

Prem Pariyar (2022)

Alameda County Human Relations Commission

Samantha Columbus (2021)

Alameda County – Oakland Community Action Partnerships (AC OCAP)

Sarah Foster (2023)

Contra Costa Sustainability Commission
Contra Costa County Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Committee

Zhonnet Harper (2019)

Alameda County Public Health Commission


Carina Lieu (2021)

Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Policy Advisory Council (PAC)

Eddie Ahn (2012)

Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Gabriela Orantes (2020)

Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Policy Advisory Council (PAC)

Genay Markham (2019)

Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Policy Advisory Council (PAC)

Pamela Campos (2023)

Vice Chair, Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Policy Advisory Council (PAC)

Susan Ma (2015)

BART Title VI and Environmental Justice Advisory Committee

William Goodwin (2020)

Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Policy Advisory Council (PAC)


José Lopez (2018)

California Energy Commission, Clean Transportation Program Advisory Committee

Lisamaria Martinez (2014)

California School for the Blind Community Advisory Committee

Noemi Gallardo (2014)

California Energy Commission

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