BCLI Alumni Network

The BCLI program has a robust and engaged alumni network. Alumni help one another as they navigate the halls of power and its unique dynamics. They share best practices and mutual support throughout the year to ensure that their actions result in government accountability and responsiveness to low-income communities of color.

In addition, alumni participate in:

  • Strengthening Incoming Cohorts - BCLI alumni actively recruit, nominate, and co-host information sessions for prospective applicants. They interview and select candidates, and mentor and champion fellows as they apply for board and commission seats. During the training, alumni help shape and deliver training content and share best practices on commissioner roundtables.
  • Continued Professional and Political Development - Alumni participate in regular networking events, professional development and knowledge-sharing, and political strategizing sessions.

BCLI Alumni

Keri Rose Akemi-Hernandez

Jasmine Cisneros

Michai Freeman

Ana Horta

María Antonieta Jandres

Prem Pariyar

Quenton Smith

Alanna Sullivan

Divya Sundar

Benita Tsao

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