After Fellows complete their BCLI training, they remain deeply involved through the BCLI Alumni Network. The Alumni Network is highly engaged in recruiting and training new cohorts, and in supporting each other’s political impact and professional development. BCLI alumni commit to:

Strengthening Incoming BCLI Cohorts.

BCLI alumni actively recruit, nominate, and co-host information sessions for prospective applicants. They interview and select candidates, and mentor and champion BCLI Fellows as they apply for board and commission seats. During the Fellowship, alumni help shape and deliver curriculum: they facilitate knowledge and skill-building sessions, join Current Issues Panels, and share best practices on Commissioner Roundtables. 

Sustaining Alumni Engagement.

The BCLI Alumni Association Board shapes alumni programming, strengthens alumni communications and networking, and leads the BCLI Alumni Award process.

Continued Professional and Political Development.

Alumni participate in quarterly social and networking events, professional development and knowledge-sharing, and political strategizing sessions. 

Honoring Alumni.

Each year at the BCLI graduation, BCLI Alumni Awards are presented to highlight alumni accomplishments. BCLI Ambassadors make exemplary contributions to the BCLI program and strengthen the alumni network. Star Commissioners move significant policy that positively impacts low- income communities of color. Movement Builders contribute meaningfully to the broader regional equity movement. 

2013 BCLI Alumni Award Winners: 

BCLI Ambassador: Jessie Buendia (2012)
Star Commissioner: Sheryl Lane (2010)
Movement Builder: Vien Truong (2010)