Give Shuumi photograph courtesy of Sogorea Te’ Land Trust

Photograph Credit: Inés Ixierda courtesy of Sogorea Te Land Trust

Land Acknowledgement

Urban Habitat honors the Indigenous People of the land, as we are guests on the Lisjan Ohlone unceded territory, which is also known as the East Bay. We are in solidarity with the vision of Sogorea Te’ and are inspired by the incredible work that they and other Indigenous community members are involved in to protect land, water, and other natural resources, and to preserve culture and traditions. We share a connection that intersects with our core values of democratizing power, justice and equity, BIPOC solidarity, and sustainability which starts with the roots of the land. We acknowledge the past, present, and future to address the social, housing, and environmental justice needs in order to shape and heal our community.

Urban Habitat is dedicated to being in good relations with all Indigenous relatives, to give space for their voices to be heard, to center their experiences while acknowledging the strength and courage of their Ancestors. We have made a long-term commitment to fighting the systems that continue to perpetuate challenges for Indigenous lives in this present moment. As we continue to navigate through the impacts of colonialism and the harm that our Indigenous relatives have endured and persevered through that still exists today, we want to be active and engaged advocates to strategize ways that will support resilience for many generations to thrive.

We Give Shuumi as a small way to acknowledge this history and contribute to its healing.

Special thanks to Ker Bear Thunderfoot (Keri Akemi-Hernandez), Author of Land Acknowledgement with blessing from Corrina Gould.

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