The 6 Wins for Social Equity Network (6 Wins) strives to build a region where tenants, workers, and low-income communities of color have the decision-making power and resources we need to thrive. We are a coalition representing labor, environment, faith-based, tenant-organizing groups, and policy advocates.

We develop intersectional policy solutions and campaigns. In 2010, Urban Habitat and Public Advocates co-founded 6 Wins to ensure that regional planning decisions and investments would be shaped by the voices and needs of those most impacted by policy decisions in the Bay Area. We have made clear the relationships between regional development patterns, climate justice, and racial justice and advocated for regional solutions to address these interconnected inequities.

Ten years later, we face an unprecedented confluence of crises during the COVID-19 pandemic: public health, racial injustice, economic inequality, and government austerity. We are working to rebuild the systems that have failed during these crises to ensure that they will be equitable, racially just, and environmentally sustainable.

6 Wins coalition members include:

  • Breakthrough Communities
  • Center for Sustainable Neighborhoods
  • Council of Community Housing Organizations
  • East Bay Housing Organizations
  • Genesis
  • Monument Impact
  • North Bay Organizing Project
  • Public Advocates
  • Regional Tenant Organizing Network
  • Sacred Heart Community Service
  • San Mateo County Union Community Alliance
  • Sunflower Alliance
  • Urban Habitat
  • Working Partnerships USA

Current Work:

6 Wins’ launched its 2021 vision and priorities for ensuring the Bay Area’s pandemic recovery is equitable, racially just, and environmentally sustainable. Our current advocacy priorities include:

  • Ensuring reliable, affordable, and safe public transportation
  • Protecting tenants and invest in neighborhoods without displacing longtime residents
  • Producing affordable housing across the region
  • Assuring quality jobs & healthy neighborhoods
  • Building community power and advancing racial justice


6 Wins for Social Equity Network: Our 2021 Vision for a Just Bay Area
February 18, 2021

Two regional agencies responsible for adopting Plan Bay Area 2040 get a “D” for their performance, according to a report card issued today by the 6 Wins Network. - See more at: more information contact: Leslie Gordon, Program Manager of Equitable Development, at /a>