BCLI alumni serve on a variety of commissions. The specific boards and commissions on which BCLI alumni are currently serving are listed below.


  • Community Services Commission: Laura Nakamura ('21)

East Palo Alto

  • Planning Commission: Ofelia Bello (‘19); Quenton Smith ('22)
  • Rent Stabilization Board: Vanessa Smith ('21)


  • Rent Review Board: Gehad Massoud ('16)


  • Army Base Jobs Oversight Committee: Saabir Lockett (’18)
  • Mayor's Commission on Persons with Disabilities: Cathy Eberhardt ('20)
  • Measure HH Soda Tax Advisory Board: Tonya Love ('14)


  • City Council: Mary Bier (’18)


  • Department of Children and Youth Oversight Board: Kapris James (‘19)
  • Housing Advisory: Preston Lam ('17)

San Francisco

  • Board of Education: Jenny Lam (‘12)
  • Citizens' Advisory Committee for the Central Market and Tenderloin Area: Stephen Tennis ('14)
  • Commission on the Environment: Eddie Ahn, Chair ('12)
  • Human Rights Equal Pay Advisory Commission: Utuma Belfry ('11)
  • Park, Recreation, and Open Space Advisory Committee: Wendy Aragon,  Vice Chair ('17)
  • Public Utilities Commission Community Advisory Council (CAC): Moises Garcia ('18); Misty McKinney ('18)
  • Planning Commission: Theresa Imperial ('19)
  • Southeast Communities Facilities Commission (SECFC): Amerika Sanchez, Vice-Chair (’19)

Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Santa Fe Planning Commission: Rhea Serna ('16)


  • Alameda County Consumer Affairs Commission: Marlene Hurd, Chair ('13)
  • Alameda County Housing and Community Development Advisory: Maxine Oliver-Benson ('12)
  • Alameda County Human Relations Commission: Steven Mederios, Chair ('18); Prem Pariyar (‘22)
  • Alameda County – Oakland Community Action Partnerships (AC OCAP): Samantha Columbus (’20)
  • Alameda County Public Health Commission: Zhonnet “Z” Harper, Chair (’19)
  • Alameda County Workforce Investment Board: Jennifer Ong, Vice-Chair ('10)
  • Contra Costa County Ambrose Park and Recreation Board: Eduardo Torres ('20)
  • San Mateo County's Citizens' Oversight Committee for Measure K: Holly Lim (’18)
  • San Mateo County's Citizens' Oversight Committee for Measure W: Eduardo Gonzalez ('19)


  • BART Title VI and Environmental Justice Advisory Committee: Susan Ma ('15)
  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission: Eddie Ahn ('12)
  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Policy Advisory Council (PAC): William Goodwin (‘20); Carina Lieu (‘20); Genay Markham (‘19); Gabriela Orantes (‘20)


  • California Energy Commission: Noemi Gallardo (’14)
  • California Energy Commission, Clean Transportation Program Advisory Committee: José Lopéz ('18)
  • California School for the Blind Community Advisory Committee: Lisamaria Martinez ('14)