In June 2017, CASA was named as an implementation strategy in the regional growth plan, Plan Bay Area 2040 Action Plan.
CASA presents a unique opportunity to create a new story for the Bay Area, a future where our region is characterized by equity, diversity and opportunity, and stable and affordable housing is a fundamental right. To do this, CASA must develop actionable political consensus around —Tenant Protections, Housing Preservation, and Affordable Housing Production (3Ps). To achieve the following goals, CASA will need to identify solutions that leverage funding and policy opportunities at the state, regional, local, and private levels:
  • Protection: Protect more than 450,000 low-income renter households at risk of displacement by adopting incentives and requirements and generating $400 million/year.
  • Preservation: Take 25,500 homes occupied by and affordable to low-income renters off the speculative market and preserve over 11,100 expiring deed-restricted units by adopting incentives and requirements and generating $500 million/year for 10 years.
  • Production: Meet the region’s need for 13,000 new affordable homes per year by adopting incentives and requirements and closing the $1.4 billion yearly housing gap. 
Six Wins for Social Equity members sit on the CASA Steering and Technical Advisory Committees. CASA will meet through October 2018.