Welcome to the 2009 version of the SEC resource guide and member directory.
For more than 10 years, members of the Bay Area Social Equity Caucus have been providing support, resources, and political action for low income people and communities of colors by bringing together a wide swath of or nonprofit, public and private organizations across the region.

This is a prototype directory which collected and organized SEC member campaigns and activities which are published in the SEC newsletter. THIS SITE IS NO LONGER UNDER ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT but we have maintained in online because it contains useful information.

Fine Print:

Some of the material featured in the directory does not originate from Urban Habitat, the Bay Area Social Equity Caucus or RP&E and does not necessarily reflect the views of these sponsors nor of the organizations featured.  We provide these resource materials in order to inform and educate readers about the issues and campaigns relevant to social justice organizing. Publication does not imply endorsement or sponsorship of the events, activities or political positions that appear. In accordance with Fair Use guidelines, images and text that are identified as sourced from other media outlets are reproduced for educational and research purposes only.