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Support the Richmond General Plan on Tuesday, April 17

Richmond transit village, where BART buses, and Amtrak come together. © 2008 Scott BraleyDear Richmond Community Allies: Finally, after six years of community-­based planning, education, and advocacy efforts, the Richmond City Council will vote to adopt the General Plan.

We, the Richmond Equitable Development Initiative (REDI) are excited to attend the General Plan Adoption Hearing to support and urge our allies to put community health and the quality-­of-­life of city residents first!

When: Tuesday, April 17, 6:30pm
Where: Community Services Building 440 Civic Center Plaza Richmond, CA

We are optimistic that our allies on the City Council will pass the Planning Commission’s recommendations to the General Plan, but We Still Need Your Help!

We ask that you please commit to supporting REDI’s General Plan campaign by doing one or more of the following:

• Call and email our allies on the City Council to adopt the General Plan
• Bring your friends and family to the April 17th adoption hearing
• Speak in support of the General Plan at the adoption hearing
• Forward this attached letter to all of your community allies (Download the PDF here)

Thank you in advance for your support!!

The REDI coalition is made up of six community-­?based organizations who came together in 2006 to provide low-­?income and minority populations access to land use planning processes which directly impact their lives and livelihoods. Over the course of our campaign, the REDI coalition developed supplementary recommendations to five of the General Plan’s twelve elements, including economic development, land use, circulation, community health and wellness, and energy and climate. REDI’s recommendations were adopted by the Planning Commission (see detailed attachment) in fall of 2011. The General Plan (GP) with the Planning Commission recommendations lays the foundation for land use policies framed within equity. More importantly, these policies represent a community vision that puts community health and the quality-­?of-­?life of city residents first!

For more information contact Christy Leffall at Urban Habitat:, 510.839.9510 x309

Council Members to Contact:

Name: Tom Butt Phone: 510.236.7436 Email:
Name: Jeff Ritterman Phone: 510.620.6636 Email:
Name: Jovanka Beckles Phone: 510.620.6568 Email:
Name: Mayor Gayle McLaughlin Phone: 510.620.6503 Email:

REDI_GP_AA_4.11.2012.pdf1.37 MB
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