BCLI Commission Seats

East Palo Alto Seats

  • Senior Advisory Committee: Amina Burrell ('16)


  • Rent Board: Christina Murphy ('17)

Emeryville Seats

  • Planning Commission: Sam Kang ('10)

Oakland Seats

  • Housing Authority: Marlene Hurd—Vice-Chair ('13)

  • Mayor's Commission on Persons with Disabilities: Marlene Hurd ('13)

  • Measure HH Soda Tax Advisory Board: Tonya Love ('14)

  • Planning Commission: Adhi Nagraj ('11)

Pacifica Seats

  • Parks and Recreation Commission: Mary Bier ('16)

​Richmond Seats

  • Human Rights and Human Relations Commission: Jasmine Jones—Chair ('13)

  • City Council: Ben Choi ('12)

San Francisco Seats

  • Children and Youth Fund Citizens' Advisory Committee: Mia Satya ('15)

  • Citizens' Advisory Committee for the Central Market and Tenderloin Area: Stephen Tennis ('14)

  • Eastern Neighborhoods Citizens Advisory Committee: Theresa Imperial ('17)

  • Juvenile Justice Commission: Joshua Nielsen-Baltodano ('15)

  • Human Rights Equal Advisory Committee: Angela Jenkins ('13); Fernando Encisco-Márquez ('16);
    Dairo Romero ('11)

  • Human Rights Equal Pay Advisory Commission: Utuma Belfry ('11)

  • Park, Recreation, and Open Space Advisory Committee: Wendy Aragon ('17)

  • Public Education Enrichment Fund - SF Unified School District: Jenny Lam—Co-Chair ('12)

  • Shelter Monitoring Committee: Anakh Sul Rama ('15)

Vallejo Seats

  • Civil Service Commission: Robbie White ('15)

​County Seats

  • Alameda County Consumer Affairs Commission: Marlene Hurd—Chair ('13); Maria Dominguez ('17)

  • Alameda County Housing and Community Development Advisory: Maxine Oliver-Benson ('12)

  • Alameda County Public Health Commission: Justin Rausa—Chair ('14); Juan Taizan ('15); Anthony Galace ('16)

  • Alameda County Commission on the Status of Women: Maria Dominguez ('17)

  • Alameda County Workforce Investment Board: Jennifer Ong—Vice-Chair ('10)

Regional Seats

  • BART Title VI and Environmental Justice Advisory Committee: Lauren Valdez ('15); Susan Ma ('15)

  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Policy Advisory Council: Sydney Fang ('16)

State Seats

  • Student Regent University of California-Berkeley: Paul Monge-Rodriguez ('16)

  • California School for the Blind Community Advisory Committee: Lisamaria Martinez ('14)


6 Wins for Social Equity Network


The 6 Wins for Social Equity Network is made up of the following social justice, faith, public health, and environmental organizations who work together to ensure that the Bay Area’s transit, housing, jobs, and sustainability policies break the patterns of segregation, sprawl, and pollution that have disadvantaged low-income communities and communities of color for generations:

We came together in 2010 to ensure that regional planning in the Bay Area advances:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Robust and Affordable Local Transit Service
  • Investment Without Displacement
  • Healthy and Safe Communities
  • Economic Opportunity
  • Community Power

Our voices are many and our perspectives diverse. But we all agree that the Bay Area’s regional transportation, land-use, and housing plan, known as Plan Bay Area, must serve residents of ALL races and incomes equally. It must address the climate crisis and decades of structural inequities, while avoiding creating new inequities.

By working together, we can build a stronger, healthier, and more equitable future for everyone. Our campaign work – such as the development of the Equity, Environment and Jobs (EEJ) scenario for Plan Bay Area – demonstrates that a regional policy agenda driven by grassroots, community-identified needs will produce the most equitable plan for the Bay Area. That means more affordable housing, fewer displaced residents, more transit service (especially local bus service), healthier air, and the greatest reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. 

Current Work:

On July 27th, MTC held a meeting to vote on conditioning OBAG funds to anti-displacement measures. In response to the community’s call for urgent action, the commissioners unanimously approved a proposal submitted by Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf to make cities with anti-displacement policies more competitive for OBAG funds. Twenty-six 6 Wins members and allies turned out at the meeting. Seventeen members representing public health, policy advocacy, tenant rights, environmental justice, community labor, affordable housing, and civil rights organizations from Oakland, Santa Rosa, San Mateo, and San Francisco testified. Urban Habitat and Public Advocates collected almost 500 signatures from an online petition from 54 different Bay Area cities telling MTC to end mass displacement in the Bay Area. Speakers shared how displacement is disrupting their lives, livelihoods, and neighborhoods, and shared with MTC that it has the power and duty to do something about it by unanimously voting to tie anti-displacement policies to OBAG funds.

On May 19, 2016, the 6 Wins Network gave the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), the two regional agencies responsible for adopting Plan Bay Area 2040, a “D” for their performance in a report card.

The authors of the report card emphasized that it isn’t too late for MTC and ABAG to improve their performance and even get an “A” before a final report card is issued. Some key opportunities are coming up. This summer, MTC commissioners are expected to vote on how to use OBAG funds to address the housing crisis, and in September, MTC and ABAG are scheduled to decide on a “preferred scenario” for Plan Bay Area 2040 after getting input at public open houses in May and June. Click here to download a copy of the 6 Wins Network’s Interim Report Card to see how MTC and ABAG are performing on creating affordable housing, robust and affordable local transit service, investment without displacement, healthy and safe communities, economic opportunity, and community power – the 6 wins that gave the coalition its name.

Two regional agencies responsible for adopting Plan Bay Area 2040 get a “D” for their performance, according to a report card issued today by the 6 Wins Network. - See more at:

For more information contact: Mashael Majid, Program Manager of Equitable Development, at

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